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Zom100: Bucket list of The Dead Anime , Introverts Review

We could die today, or we could die 60 years from now. Either way, there’s never enough time to do all the things we want.

By Akira Tendo

Finally we got a banger zombie anime after a long time. Some of the noted zombie anime has to be everyone’s favorite High Schools of dead and Kabeneri of Iron Fortress.

But what special or different sauce that “Zom100:Bucket list of the dead” brings on the table for long time anime viewers?

Frankly there has been enough zombie material out there which explores the journey of the main character’s surviving struggle post Apocalypse and restoring the human civilization once again. But this time what Zom100 did brilliant, was that the perspective of survival was tweaked a little, instead our main character Akira Tendo’s objective is to fulfill his 100 wish list before turning into a zombie himself.

That sounds way cooler somehow and does tick all the checkbox of every aspect of living the life to the fullest before you know that everything will collapse soon.

On the other hand, we do have other main character opposite to Tendo, Shizuka Mikazuki. Shizuka portrait’s a complete opposite attitude towards all the zombie apocalypse and follow the classic survival instinct.

It will be a fantastic journey as a viewer, how these two help each other to achieve their individual objectives on the way.

Character’s Description of Zom100

Tendo Akira(Main Character)

Tendo Akira from Zom100 Bucket List of the dead

Tendo is a 24 years old guy, who started his professional career at 21 in a production company. Very optimistic Tendo soon became the victim of the toxic work culture around the production companies. After completing 3 years of his life, continuously working and not having a single break has turned him into a corporate zombie. Until that one day, when he came to realize that the world is collapsing as everyone is turning into a zombie. His immediate first reaction was that he didn’t have to go to work in a long while and burst into joy.

Tendo was a former Rugby player and his fitness was in great shape thus he can easily take a few of the zombies and get away from them very easily.

But more importantly, finally he had his time for himself in doing what he loves. He decided to create a bucket list before he actually turns into a zombie.

His character is originally very charming and full of life unlike how he became when he started his new job in the production company. He also seems confident enough to live his new life post apocalypse without worrying of the consequences and his own existence.

Shizuka Mikazuki (Main Character)

Shizuka Mikazuki from Zom100: Bucket list of the dead

Shizuka is a 26 year old former accountant of a big oversea company. She belongs to a wealthy family but she doesn’t have a great relationship with her father. She always faced a strict controlling behavior by her father. After the zombie apocalypse she finally gets to do what she want and thus felt relief a bit just like Tendo.

Shizuka’s personality can be determined as brilliant & brutal at the same time. She’s a fast thinker and posses knowledge on multiple domains.

She’s also very much health conscious as we can see when see went for grocery she hesitate to pick up her favorite sweet but later regret it.

She views the zombie situation in exactly opposite way to that of Tendo’d perspective, she’s the main character of every other zombie movies or series who priorities their surviving at top.

She’s also very much a tech geek, she knows how to use all the technology available to save herself from the zombie’s in any particular instance. She watch’s all the zombie related series or movies to analyze the real zombies and find the best situation fit solutions.

It will be very interesting to see how Shizuka fits in with Tendo and both explore the world zombies.

Kenichirou Ryuuzaki (Main Character)

Ryuuzaki from zom100 bucket list of the dead

Kenichirou is 24 years old and is real estate salesman, and old friend of Tendo. They were both on the same club and used to play rugby together. More will be discovered about the character and we’ll see how they both survive this Zombie Apocalypse.

Amerhouser Beatrix (Main Character)

Beatrix from zom100: Bucket list of the dead

Beatrix is 21 years of age and hails from Germany. She’s obsessed about Japan’s culture, food and everything about Japan. She even learned to speak, read and write Japanese while completing her greaduation.

She finally get to set on a tour to Japan after her college graduation, only to stuck here because of the Zombie Apocalypse.

She will encounter Tendo and the other main characters and we’ll see all the four main characters surviving and fulfilling their bucket list before they meet to their destiny.

Amerhouser Beatrix, Ryuuzaki Kenichirou who will join Tendo and Shizuka in the upcoming episodes, where we will get know them better.

Where to watch Zom100: Bucket List of The Dead ?

You can watch this awesome series on Hulu, Netflix or Crunchyroll depending on your location. You can also stream the series on Muse Asia Youtube channel, if you are living in Asia or stream it on MuseAsia India Youtube channel if you live in India.

Source Material: Manga by Haro Aso & Kotaro Takata
Streaming every Sunday at 17:00 (JST) or 12:30 (IST)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Hrror, Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen
Studio: Bug Films

Our Thought’s On This Anime


I loved the concept overall, from the very first half where our protagonist has become the victim of overworking and toxic corporate culture and the result was that he eventually became one of the corporate zombie, to the actual zombie apocalypse happening and instead of panicking and looking out for any help the protagonist took this opportunity to live his newly free life to the fullest.

Animation Style and direction:

A top notch anime movie quality was served to us by Bug Films studio. For reference the use of those black and white tone representing the monotonous life of the protagonist with all the wide angles make us completely immersed and connected to the pain of the protagonist. The best part was that when the apocalypse really happens and the gore scenes were shown a complete rainbow filled of colors which represented the freedom and joy felt by the protagonist in that moment.

All thanks to the director Kazuki Kawagoe who did a fantastic job in visualizing the perfect scenes from the manga source and the Bug Films team to execute it.

Sound and Voice Over:

The sound design in charge was Makoto Miyazaki, who is well known for his works in One Punch Man and SpyxFamily. And he perfectly delivered on the expectations.

The Voice artists for Tendo is Shuichiro Umeda, his voice fits perfectly with Tendo. The english dub artist is Zeno Robinson.

Voice of Shizuka is given by Tomori Kusunoki and the engish voice is given by Abby Trott.


Till 16th of July 2023, we’ve got 2 episodes of Zom100: Bucket list of the dead and everything looks picture perfect as of now, but will it be able to have that same impact on us all throughout the season? And I think yes, it will.

What do you guys think about it? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts on our social media handles and we will reply for sure.


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