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Ranking the Characters of Oshi No Ko

Oshi No Ko” anime has taken up every anime fans by storm after it’s record breaking 1st episode viewership on its partnered streaming platforms. What “Oshi No Ko” brings to the table is mystery-curiosity-revenge and of course the way this series open ups the glamor industry which is quite an bold move for sure by the beloved author “Aka Akasaka”.

Synopsis of the anime

Oshi No Ko” or “My Star” is a fictional story which tells us the story of an Idol named Hoshino Ai. She got famous early at just the age of 16 and she is more than of a perfect character, who is treated like pure goddess by her fans.

Surprisingly, it turns out that Ai has her own dark secrets. She was pregnant at the mere age 16. She was convinced to deliver the baby and then she went to raise her twins all by herself, keeping it a secret from the outside world.

The story consist of supernatural elements which is the reincarnation of two characters Serina & Gorou.

Serina & Gorou both were huge fans of Ai but they meet tragic deaths and finally reincarnated as the twins of Ai Hoshino.

What happens after this will be a major plot spoiler, so if you haven’t watched the anime yet then we would definitely ask you to read further at your own risk.

Oshi No Ko Characters Tier List

5. Akane Kurokawa

17 years of age
Occupation: High Schooler / Actress
Personality : Shy & quiet
Talent: Dilligent, hard working and have exceptionally good method acting skills.

Akane from Oshi No Ko

Akane Kurokawa is one the aspiring actor in the showbiz. Though her acting skills are top notch she has a very shy and quiet type of personality. She is the most hardworking among all the characters of Oshi No Ko series. Before stepping into showbiz, she was affiliated with “Lala Lai Theatrical Company”.

Her appearance was a sporty one with purplish hair with blue highlight. But her real personality didn’t matched her sporty appearance and got criticized by the audience.

After the online bullying Akane went to a great depression which almost took her life. She was not comfortable in sharing her struggles and emotions with anyone which signifies that she was quite contained and always busy with her acting classes and study thus have a few to no friends. It also shows her possessive relation with her own family.

After the bullying incident, her character showed extreme growth. She took the advice of Aqua of portraying a different character rather than being herself. She shocked everyone and startled our protagonist Aqua when she perfectly portrait the late Ai Hoshino. Her extreme hard work and great method acting skills was finally in place and she became one of the favorites.

By the end of the season we can see that she does have hold of herself but she’s still naïve on using the social media wisely.

In the upcoming seasons or say in Manga which is quite a bit ahead has shown Akane as the major supporting pillar of Aqua.

Getting out of a tragic incident and climbing the ladders once again surely is praise worthy, but how much she has grown to start dealing with her possessiveness and quiet nature is still in questions as of right now. Whether she will find the perfect balance and learn from her mistakes or not is something to root for.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

4. Ruby Hoshino

16 year of age
Occupation: High Schooler / Idol
Personality: Extrovert, loud and optimistic
Talent: Dancing and has charismatic character

Ruby is the character whose character will be radar for further seasons but as of season 1 we will compare her from her past self i.e. Serina to the new Ruby.

Serina(past life name of Ruby) has gone through some really challenges in her past life. Loosing life at mere 12 years and spending almost all her life in the hospitals is never a life anyone would imagine for themselves.

This tragedy makes her character lonely and a sorrowful. Her way out of this loneliness was Ai Hoshino and she dreamt to become an Idol like her someday. She also developed quite a good relation with Gorou(Past life name of Aqua) who used to come to check upon her time to time.

Her feelings towards Gorou was still unclear but it does seemed that she was grateful to him and always look up to him.

I think Serina was a hopeful and full of dreams character type which only catalyzed in her new life as Ruby. The child Ruby was more than grateful for this new life that once she dreamt of. Her character is shown immensely optimistic as she overcame the tragic death of her mother Ai Hoshino unlike her twin brother Aqua.

Her character from Serina to Ruby has changed in terms of her condition but she was always full of dreams and an optimistic all total.

What future holds, will tell a little bit more about Ruby’s character development but till season 1 she’s a definitely a joyful and fun character to watch.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

3. Aqua Hoshino

16 years of age
Occupation: High Schooler / Actor
Personality: Calm and compose
Talent: Acting and hard working

aqua hoshino from oshi no ko anime

Same as Ruby, we are gonna see how this character is going to change along the further story but as for season 1 we will see his transition from his past life(Gorou) to the new one.

Gorou was Gynaecology specialist and he met Serina during her training days. Gorou was dedicated as an aspiring doctor and cares about his patients deeply. He truly cared about Serina and also enjoyed their chit chats. He picked up the likings of Idols because of Serina’s interest which shows his thoughtfulness also.

When he come to know that his favorite Idol is pregnant and under his care, he was supportive and overjoyed at the same time. But he never showed the fan part of him and acted professionally all through out.

He lost his life when trying to confront a suspicious guy, who was asking about Ai and probably was threat to her. He was courageous at that time which didn’t turned out well for him but surely saved from any harm to his patient.

The new life as Ai’s child (Aqua) was again a joyful event for him but as he had all his past memory. He was composed yet startled and thus started acting maturely since childhood.

The death of Ai left a strong trauma for him and his character become more of a dull and extremely possessive character. He was calm and very calculative in every aspect of his life which didn’t change much in the season 1.

He was living completely driven by the revengefulness and thus became a selfish character who would do anything if it’s serving his purpose. When he got completely shocked by Akane’s inch perfect embodiment of late Ai Hoshino, he decided to keep her close by forming a work relationship.

So the amount of change that Gorou goes through from being an deeply dedicated and cared doctor to Aqua an avenging son is quite a development I would say.

Our Rating: 9/10

2. Arima Kana

17 years of age
Occupation: High Schooler / Actor/ Idol
Personality: A Tsundere type of girl
Talent: Acting, singing
and hard working

arima kana peace sign from oshi no ko anime

Arima Kana was a child prodigy and had tasted the success in the showbiz at a very young age. This success made her a little cocky in nature and she also used to look down on others very easily. Until the day when she got the taste of her own acting skills as his co-star aqua made her acting skills look like a zero to none.

Soon she saw a steep downfall in her acting career because of her standing out ambitions within a shot and not so friendly behavior with the co-stars and staffs on the set.

Her downfall led her to understand her actions and its consequence. It was a major depression period for her and a life long lesson for sure. This downfall also brought immense changes on her behavior and her understanding towards the showbiz business.

She is now more understandable and even tend to compromise in any aspects or as demanded by the scene unlike when she always wanted to standout.

Her character goes through a lot of emotional turmoil because of experiencing an early taste of success and failure. For example she’s always nervous around Aqua but act confidently in front of others. She often loose hopes on herself but instantly find the reasons to pull herself from that emotion which also signifies that she’s responsible to herself.

Kana has to be that tsundere type character who is interested in main character but won’t admit it easily.

She worked very hard to break through again in the showbiz and was somewhat successful in doing that, she has the most experience in showbiz and thus know how to tackle any challenges related to showbiz. For instance, when Akane and Aqua posted their dating picture she instantly interrupted and warned them not to do that again as it would be threat to them.

Her character is very complex because of all her emotional turmoil’s and how she handles every situation maturely enough is surely worth of credits.

Our Rating: 9/10

1. Ai Hoshino

20 Years of Age
Occupation: Idol / Acting
Personality: Charismatic and secretive
Talent: Singing, dancing, acting & extremely hard working

ai hoshino from oshi no ko anime

Ai Hoshino is the center character of the whole Oshi No Ko story and thus she has to be the number 1 on the list.

Ai had a very rough childhood as she brought up in an orphanage which made her true self as very low esteem and out of love character. She refused to accept the job offered by Ichigo(President of Strawberry Productions) to become an Idol because she thought she don’t cut to that as she don’t possesses a charming personality. But Ichigo convinced her that all you have to do is put an act of a cheerful person thus she finally agrees to the job.

Soon with natural talents and extremely determined hard work on herself, she was finally breaking through the Idol industry with her out on charm.

So, Ai’s starting of the journey itself starts with a lie and she often thinks that someday maybe she will know how to truly love someone and to be loved back by them.

It was stated by one of the producer that even being one of the top Idol she lacks an elegancy with herself or maintaining a professional look all throughout. She got hold of these things after she joined Lala Lai Theatrical Company.

After the tragic incident with her and after series of investigations, it was evident that Ai didn’t have too much of a close friends, not even any of her group members. She was a possessive girl who became more possessive after she got pregnant and has to keep it a secret from the outside world.

Her true self around her newly born twins was really cheerful and she started to put extra amount of hard work to get financially stable to be able to provide for her children.

Her true smile on watching her two kids enjoying and supporting her during one of the performance made her critics change their opinion on her.

I would say that her put up self and true self were coinciding slowly after she had the kids but before making it to a grand stage she met an horrible incident where she dies. And just when she was taking her last breath, she finally realized that she was not putting a mask of love when she was with her children instead it was the truest form of love that she felt for them and thus she loves them above all.

Her character’s true self before getting pregnant is still very much unknown to us until the end of season 1. But as the story will continue we will witness what kind of personality she really had and was she the purest idol that her often refers her to.

So, to the Mysterious girl who gone through a lot of tragic pasts and build herself up when responsibility came up on the shoulder deserves almost a full score.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Final Thoughts

This anime and its character has a lot to discover about themselves and thrive for the future they want. We will get to know more about Ai Hoshino’s life and whether Aqua will be successful in his vengeance. But until then don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on the comment box or on our social handles that are linked below.


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