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Zom100: Bucket list of The Dead Anime , Introverts Review

We could die today, or we could die 60 years from now. Either way, there’s never enough time to do all the things we want. By Akira Tendo Finally we got a banger zombie anime after a long time. Some of the noted zombie anime has to be everyone’s favorite High Schools of dead and […]

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Dr. Stone Anime Season 2 Update: A Monumental Evolution

Fans of the popular Dr. Stone anime series were eagerly anticipating the release of its second season, and the wait was well worth it. Season 2 of Dr. Stone, titled “Dr. Stone: Stone Wars,” delivered an exciting continuation of the story, filled with captivating plot twists, stunning animation, and the same ingenious scientific exploration that […]

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Your Name : Anime Movie That is a Masterpiece

I remember watching Your Name in the lockdown even though I was being recommended thousands time by my weeb friend but unfortunately I was not aware of this beautiful and mesmerizing world of Anime itself. But Your Name change my perspective completely and now I’m a full time weeb 😂. If you are someone like […]

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Dr. Stone: The Scientific Journey That Will Leave You Spellbound – IST Talks

In a world where all of humanity has been turned into stone, the fate of the future lies in the hands of two genius scientists. This is the premise of the anime “Dr. Stone” which has taken the world by storm. It’s an anime that combines adventure, science fiction, and a touch of comedy to […]