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Mushoku Tensei : Season 2 starts with episode 0

Yes, that’s how the newest season i.e. season 2 of Mushoku Tensei : Jobless Reincarnation started. The episode 0 namely “Fitz the Guardian”, marked as the special episode in “Mushoku Tensei season 2”.

What’s the special about it?

The episode covers the story of Sylphiette, who is one of the main characters of the show and her story was very much shadowed after Rudeus went to Fittoa to his uncle Phillipe and eventually met the 4th main character of the show Eris Boreas Greyrat.

A small screen time was given to Sylphiette after Rudeus departure to Fittoa, when she came to Lilia and asked her to deliver a pendant to Rudeus as his 10th birth anniversary in the 8th episode just before the calamity.

Episode 0, unveils the 3rd potential heirer of the Asura Kingdom, Princess Ariel accompanied by Luke Notos Greyrat as her personal bodyguard and Pilemon Notos Greyrat (Paul’s elder brother) as her advisor. The series again delves into the power politics within the Asura Kingdom and how it is creating individual factions among the Royal bloods itself.

Characters introduced in episode 0

  • Ariel Anemoi Asura: She is the  is the second princess of the Asura Kingdom. She appoints Sylpheitte as her bodyguard in order to save her from the punishment of trace passing the Royal Palace and more importantly she saved her from the wild beast boar. According to fandom wiki Ariel possess a manipulative and sadistic personality.
Ariel Anemoi Asura Mushoku Tensei
  • Grabell Zafin Asura:  He is the First Prince of Asura Kingdom and half-brother of Ariel Anemoi Asura. With the help of Darius Silva he is planning to play the dirty politics in order to get the throne of the Asura Kingdom. According to fandom wiki Grabell is meticulous and have great political mind.
Grabell Zafin Asura Mushoku Tensei
  • Luke Notos Greyrat: Luke is the second son of Pilemon Notos Greyrat and the guardian knight of princess Ariel. He is one of the cousin of Rudeus from the Greyrat family. His swordsmanship is rated very average according to the wiki source.
Luke greyrat mushoku tensei
  • Pilemon Notos Greyrat: Pilemon Notos Greyrat is the brother of Paul Greyrat and the father of Luke. He was the head of Notos house until Luke took over the position under Ariel’s order. According to fandom wiki his personality shows him as unconfident and is a person that cling to power and wealth. Unlike Paul, he is a cowardly opportunist. 
Pilemon Greyrat Mushoku Tensei
  • Darius Silva Ganius: He was the prime minister of the Asura Kingdom and he was supporting the Grabell faction for the next successor of the Asura kingdom. As described in fandom wiki, A vile human who does everything he can to gain power and please his desires. 

Trivia for this episode

  • While teleporting, Sylpheitte hair’s color changed from green to white. According to fandom theory, it was because of the Laplace factor which causes the drain in the mana energy in Sylphiette.
  • Sylpheitte first opposed Paul for knocking Rudeus out of conciuos, when he was sending him to Fittoa with Ghislane. Sylpeitte strike paul with an speechless incantation and thus surprised Paul and everyone there but eventually Paul convinced her that this is best for both of them. Sylphiette never knew where Rudeus was heading to as Paul wanted to be a secret for her.
  • The 4 Greyrat Nobles have formed different factions with 4 different heirers of the Asura  Kingdom namely Kaunis Freean Asura,  Ariel Anemoi Asura, Grabell Zafin Asura, Halfaus Asura.
    Boreas Family supports Grabell Zafin Assura faction while Eurus and Zephirus family supports Halfaus Asura faction and Notos family supports Ariel Anemoi Faction.
  • When Princess Ariel was about 2-3 years old, Lilia was her personal maid cum bodyguard in the palace of Asura Kingdom. One day the princess was attacked by an assassin and Lilia saved her life but in the process Lilia was badly injured on her leg and thus after her treatment, she was banished from her post as princesses maid and bodyguard from the palace. Soon after that, she was hired by Paul Greyrat as their maid when Zenith was pregnant for the first time with Rudeus.
  • According to the web Novel Princess Ariel is characterized as a bisexual being. It was evident when she tried to force Sylpheitte on her bed but later shrugs it of as a joke.
  • Darius was the man behind the execution of Sauros Boreas Greyrat’s execution after the mana calamity.

Final Tought

Though we were expecting our protagonist to show up in the first episode after more than 2 years of wait but the introduction of these characters were as crucial as Rudeus’s onward journey. Also the journey of Sylpheitte, which is the main character of the show was needed to updated for the audience.

Where to watch Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2

So, for most of the regions of Europe and America, it is Crunchyroll and for the South Asian region Muse Asia Youtube channel streaming the title completely free.
Every Sunday, 8:35 PM IST.

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